Where does the rainbow end? is an art intervention by Katja Loher that interacts directly with Schneider & Schneider’s architectural concept inspired by a grid, which they created for the new corporate headquarters of Swissgrid. The national energy distribution company, which is relocating to Aarau, commissioned Loher to create a work of art that addresses contemporary concerns regarding energy, digital worlds, society and sustainability. As an exciting and engaging counterpart to the company’s emphasis on engineering,  this site-specific video installation will inspire the employees and visitors to look at the energy industry from a different view point. The installation will consist of a “Video-line” that draws on the floor and ceiling through the entrance and first floor of the building, snakes out the back of the building, and along the facade to the roof, where it’s - ideally - plugged into solar panels. Fragile and perfectly clear “Bubbles” host three-dimensional video images, which float weightlessly inside them and surprise the pedestrian in the entrance and the auditorium with questions.