Swissgrid, Aarau, Switzerland

Opening: September 14. 2018
Art and Architecture Project at the new headquarter building of Swissgrid, Aarau, Switzerland
Project Manager and Curator: Friederike Schmid
Planning architect for art part: Andrea Liberni

Where does the rainbow end?

And where does it start? The artistic rainbow, symbolically symbolizes the Swissgrid headquarters as an Art & Architecture project with video lines and video bubbles that began in April 2015. The competition project submitted by the Swiss-New York artist Katja Loher was then selected for realization.

While in the corporate environment of Swissgrid, the real world of electricity sets the frequency at 50 Hz, the Loher ants are running at a different frequency. The artist, who is committed to the ecological concerns of our blue planet, sensitizes her work for the beauty as well as the vulnerability of nature. The video compositions dedicated to Swissgrid use their magic to indicate contemporary concerns regarding energy, the digital world, society and sustainability.

The line, which appears as an artistic element for the first time in Loher's oeuvre, found its inspiration in the architectural concept. It welcomes visitors under the canopy and traverses the entire ground floor in a staccato rhythm - ants move in the same direction, finally transforming themselves into electrons. A symbol of the fluidity of the medium of electricity.

Loher's choreography, which embeds these levels of texts in multi-layered scenarios, found its inspiration in the ant colonies: enormous networks, good organization and division of labor. Every individual has specific tasks. The presence of the individual increases the reliability of the system. Where does the rainbow end? is a metaphor of the active interaction of people, born of a synthesis of choreography, dance, costumes and poetry. For Swissgrid, this artwork, intertwined with architecture, is supposed to be the artistic-emotional antipode to the scientific-rational world of work.