The Trembling of a leaf or the movement of the universe?
Anya Tish gallery, houston
September 8. - October 7. 2017


Anya Tish Gallery is thrilled to announce the return of Swiss-born, New York-based multidisciplinary artist Katja Loher for The Trembling of a Leaf or the Movement of the Universe?, the artist’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery, featuring her latest body of work: video, video-sculpture and installation.


Katja Loher is changing the face of video art by choosing to present her intriguing works as organic sculptural forms, or Videoportals, in lieu of a more traditional flat rectangular screen. The nearly seamless fusion of the technological with the organic reflects the fantastic worlds she creates, which explore the complex balance between humans and nature, and the consequences of living in a globalized world. The videos are the product of a collaborative effort between the creative talents of poets, composers, costume designers, and performers who, under the creative direction of Loher, work to animate the imagined world of the artist.


Each vibrant video performance addresses ecological urgencies such as the plight of pollinators, abuses of technology, and the future of humanity, while simultaneously drawing attention to the beauty intrinsic to the life sustaining processes that support our planet. Performers intertwine to form letters, words and questions, while costumed dancers dressed as animals mimic the somatic or sonar communication inherent to different species. While Loher proposes the question in her works, she does not offer the solution - that task is left to the viewer who will emerge from her Miniverse inspired by a renewed appreciation for the splendor and complexity of nature and the desire to preserve its beauty for generations to come.


A graduate of the Fine Art Academy in Basel, Switzerland, Katja Loher (b. 1979) is an internationally recognized artist whose work has been featured in exhibitions throughout China, Japan, Europe, South America and the United States, in such venues as: World Expo Museum, Shanghai, China; MuBE, Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, São Paulo, Brazil; Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy; MAXXI Museum, Rome, Italy; United Nations Pavilion, Shanghai Expo, China; Biennale Chongqing, China; Art Digital, Moscow, Russia and the State Hermitage Museum, St. Peterburg, Russia.  Loher’s work can be found in numerous private and public collections, including: Core Club, New York, USA; Credit Suisse Collection, Zurich, Switzerland, 21C Museum, Kentucky, USA; Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa, USA; Jorge Perez Collection, Miami, USA; eN Arts Collection, Tokyo, Japan and Horsecross Collection, Perth, UK. Recently, Loher’s work has been commissioned for large scale Art and Architecture projects at the new headquarters of SwissGrid, Switzerland, Related Group/Jorge Perez, at SLS Hotel, Miami, USA, and Oasis VIP Lounge, at Bogota Airport, Colombia.