Self-Contained Video-Sculpture
1-Channel video composition, 7:30 min, looped
Video screen embedded in white acrylic circle
15 x 15 x 2 in (38 x 38 x 5 cm)

What will we drink when water will have disappeared? reflects the element water, as it nourishes and sustains life symbiotically and synergistically. It also reflect the notion of a source: source of life, of knowledge, and of beginnings, which is reflected in two series of questions in this video.

Pattern and symmetry are fundamental to Katja Loher‘s work. She introduces Cymatics, the study of visible sound based on vibration. These recordings from her Video-laboratory are collaged with video footage of paradisiac nature. The chore-
ographies presented in her videos reveal beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns. Abstract dance formations, filmed from above, recall the complicity and harmony of synchronized swimmers, either humans or animals. Written words are twined with the corporal dance, juxtaposing language and the enigmatic communication of the animal kingdom. Performers mimic the somatic, sonar-type exchange of information found in ant colonies, bee hives, or schools of fish, inviting us to abandon mankind’s hubristic nature over animals and to look for answers from another point of view.

What will we drink when water will have disappeared?, Loher resents the three compelling essential aspects of her work. The miniature, or “Miniverse”, and what that encompasses as an experience for the viewer; the collaborative working method of individuals aiming towards one big cause; and the exploration of language including the type with which we are familiar, and also those with which we are not.