Videoportals   (Humor / Time / Ideology / Hope/ Possession / Homeland)

Videoportals (Humor / Time / Ideology / Hope/ Possession / Homeland)

Videoportals explore existential notions of ownership, money, relationships, time, ideology and hope; all with the underlying baseline theme of our (dis)connection to our personal environment and ecology. The "Video-alphabets" spell out questions like, "Can you live in your ideology?" Or, "Can you think without hope?", "What is humor made out of?" And "Who will replace you?", "How slow can you run?".

They seem to represent an internal dialogue with ones subconscious, perhaps suggesting that these are the questions we might ask ourselves but with which we unknowingly struggle. The portals take the form of glass orbs, or "hemispheres", into which you find yourself drawn as if entering a parallel universe.

Pattern and symmetry are fundamental to Katja Loher‘s work. She introduces cymatics, the study of visible sound based on vibration. Pattern, geometry, symmetry, and mathematics are inherent in all forms of movement and the physicality of essential structures in nature: flora and fauna, microorganisms, wind turbulence, human DNA, the physical universe. If you study it, it‘s there, so it‘s also a safe assumption that there‘s a subconscious connection as well. They are archetypal forms which repeat over and over but are never exhausted. For this reason, this work can do the same without being contrived or self conscious, and is a constant regeneration from an essential core, in this case, an artistic source.

Video-stills of  Videoportals  

Video-stills of Videoportals