Video stills:   Videosculpture , 2012

Video stills: Videosculpture, 2012

Last supper?, a table for two serving as a platform for casting “TIME”, where present and future meet in the form of course meals. While subjecting time to a five colored course menu, ranging from green, yellow, orange, red and purple. One plate stands for present times, “Plate of Today” and the other plate stands for the future times, “Plate of Tomorrow”.

The “Plate of Today” displays five colored course menu of fruits and vegetables integrated with their respective five pollinators. Where fruits and vegetables are in abundance, leading to the understanding of the critical role played by pollinators in our daily lives.

The “Plate of Tomorrow”, on the opposite side, displays a five colored course menu where no longer pollinators exist, therefore, no more fruits and vegetables. Giving space to lab- made meals, much like “astronauts food”.