one-channel video composition, 6:20min, looped
hand-blown glass bubbles, video screen embedded in white acrylic
20 x 15 x 14 in (51 x 38 x 35 cm

Airbubble features the Bubblelady as the “Master of Air” over the rooftop NewYorks,  in the middle of courageous circling pigeon flocks. The eye is taken by a whirl pull of flittering wings and exhilarating freedom.

This piece is part of the series where the  three-dimensional structure is a shell featuring the characters: Master of Time ,  Master of Space, and Master of Air, all committed in a quest to find solutions to preserve their worlds. 

Seen from the bird's-eye view, the dancers' movements form patterns, which are multiplied kaleidoscopically in the course of digital post-production. Occasionally questions are transformed into textual images through choreographies in which dancers form letters, which are then combined into words and questions. In this piece the viewer discovers the question: “What is the distance in round meters between the sun and the oranges".