Bee Manifesto

Bee aware.
There’s a dying dancing tribe.
There’s a perfect mute cry,
In the sky.
Bee aware.
Drones make love in the air.
Until yesterday.
And today they die.
Bee aware.
California, Florida, Hawaii.
They still die.
Bee aware.
Their communities are structured,
orderly and tight.
They feed you and your child.
Bee aware.
Honey is energy
Like charcoal, oil, or gas.
It’s ancient liquefied light.
Bee aware.
Honey spoils in the hives.
Bee aware.
They see ultraviolet patterns,
The architecture of life.
Can’t you see they die?
Bee aware.
They dance to the sound
of invisible alphabets.
Can’t you hear they die? 
Bee aware.
They are sleeplessly buzzing
all night as they dream
of pollen and sun.
Bee aware.
They are sleeplessly buzzing
all night and their nightmare is
air and soil 
and light 
Bee aware.
There’s no land of milk and honey 
There’s no future
where bees die.
Let’s bees bee.